PHP Web Dev Workflow

Just the way I do things


Whenever this topic comes up theres always the fanboys, and I'm just going to lay it down nice and easy. I use Sublime Text, I've used other editors over the years but I've found a sweet spot with this one! It provides loads of great features and allows for some incredibly good plugins and themes.

Package Managers

It wasn't until recently that I started focusing on the use of package managers, yeah my linux box has one and when I've played around with NodeJs I've used npm. But I’m talking more specifically about PHP package managers.


This area is also fairly new to me! I know of their importance, especially within big companies and the industry. But I've never felt the need to use or learn one. Until now!


Don't take what I've said as concrete! I'm just suggesting and sharing my opinions. If you have anything that you feel I should check out, just leave a comment here!



Multi-pronged web developer with a passion for cutting edge tooling!

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