What web development tools should I learn in 2017?

Programming Languages

The first tool I’d like to talk about is: GoLang. A programming language developed by some of the brightest minds to grace this earth. Designed with the modern web/service stack in mind. With a neat syntax and a range of tools & support. It’s a must-learn language for anyone who’s serious about optimising their applications & working with cutting-edge, leading technologies. I’ve written a couple of articles about Go, and creating a simple HTTP service to return some data in an “api” fashion. I wrote these as I was learning and playing around with some small personal projects.

Javascript Frameworks

My knowledge with frontend development tools is somewhat limited, at least, that’s how I feel when I see VueJS & React articles & packages being thrown left-right and center. They intrigue me, and I’m eager to dive into these new, hip Javascript “frameworks”. But I’m not sure which I should invest my time into and whether or not it’ll pay off for the majority of projects I work on. I can see the real benefits of both, but in my case It’s not just me I have to think about when working on a project. I need to consider the skills and knowledge of my colleagues; they need to be able to jump into a project I’m working on and confidently pick up where I left off. Are these tools too complicated for someone to do that on demand? Am I safe sticking with vanilla JS and/or jQuery?

PHP Frameworks

For any typical PHP developer out there it may be pretty obvious that I’m going to suggest you sit down and learn Laravel. And you’re totally right.



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